Art in Progress

Are you ready for Christmas?

I’m not-yet-but I have one designs ready. It’ll be available in a variety of formats (hopefully!!) in a month or so. I have to figure out logistics/costs/prices. 

My sounding board is bemoaning the fact that I’m already cluttering up their feed with Christmas pictures, but I’ve told them I’ll send them prints. My inbox is cluttered with emails asking me if I’ve got my Christmas items listed so I’m feeling a bit behind. I figure next year I’ll be set, this year is a trial run. 


You know, I don’t have a name yet. If you have an idea for a name let me know in the comments. If I pick it I’ll send you something with this Christmas tree on it.

Happy Tuesday! I’m hopefully driving to our new abode, the old having been squared away at long last.

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