Weekend Links

Wordy Weekend Links and Drawing Studies.

This week I’ve gotten up dutifully at 5 a.m., stumbled out to the living room, and basically zoned out flipping through my social media things for an hour. I don’t even notice the time passing, I’m that out of it. I’ll blame our bed situation: my studio is now part of our bedroom, so we sold our bed and bought a high-quality sleeper sofa. It’s gorgeous: a soft grey with light pink accent pillows.

But of course it’s not delivered yet. And they’ve pushed back the delivery date. So Himself has slept on the floor and I have an old cot with no padding whatsoever (still better than the floor, though). We are simply too old for this kind of thing.


More boxes!!

Who woulda thought drawing boxes could be so frustrating? I’m so close to getting my lines perfect, and yet they’re not. Bah. Ok, on to links!

Underwater and Swimming for Joy Oh this. I am so tired, so emotional (which isn’t normal for me, being an INTJ), so ready to pick fights, so done. Three weeks (or thereabouts, but three weeks sounds better) ago we were back in Amarillo, with no plans of being anywhere else, and now here we are, sitting in God’s garden (or one of them) wondering what on earth we did to deserve it, with all of the corresponding feelings that come with such rapid transition.

The best thing you can do for your career. I’ve been thinking about this concept a lot. It’s rough, when the message you receive from social media experts is that you need to bombard constantly (at least that’s the message I’ve gotten, your experience may differ), to remember that you need to build relationships with people, real people, and to do that you also need to be yourself. So sometimes I try to be ultra-business-y, and at others I can’t stand the thought of being so cold and I blabber in my own voice. And so far it’s when I blabber in my own voice that people seem to respond, so there you are.

Sketch is blowing up. Nooooooooo. Not another thing to learn! But I’m trying to keep somewhat abreast of developments in the fields I’m somewhat associated with (you see all the somewahts because I’m so not a graphics person but I’d like to be) so I found this interesting.

And that’s it, folks. Have the most wonderful weekend ever. We’re going hiking-the mountains are calling.


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