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Wordy Weekend Links and Spiffy Greeting Cards

christmascard4 starcard1

So oh my goodness, are there various ways to purchase these beauties. Of course there’s etsy, then there’s Instagram through the Spreesy app, and then I just set up another shop for the website (going through shopify this time, SO much better!). $2.95 each, shipping is around $1.95 (I simply can’t get it any lower).  I will be offering them in packs soon, I’m waiting for the necessary packaging to make that happen.

And on to the links!

Study, Practice, Reflect I have always found that “sleeping on it” works wonders for me. Stuff synthesizes, ideas form, etc. So the idea of reflecting on forms, visualizing them, definitely resonates with me. If I can “see” the shape, I can better draw it.

15 Quotes for when you’re stuck in a creative rut This is just funny.

8 paradoxes of creative people Everything except #1. I don’t daydream during the day much, I’m far too busy cramming in work while also homeschooling, cleaning, doing financial shenanigans, etc. But everything else was spot on. Although I am having a hard time with #2; I’ve got art going on three different fronts (hopefully, so hopefully soon to be four) and I’m not yet getting the sales I’d like. It’s hard to remember that one needs to find their tribe, that there is an ocean of art out there, and you simply need to keep listing, keep improving, and keep promoting however you can.

And have a great weekend, friends. I’ll be prettifying envelopes for my baby brother’s wedding (pictures to come soon!) and possibly traipsing amongst pumpkins.

Art on!

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