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Wordy Weekend Links and “Contour Drawing”

I signed up for a drawing class. I can draw flat, stylized things and pretty pattern things but I want to draw other things.

So the first class was this past Tuesday. We started off drawing upside down (the picture, not ourselves, I’m the youngest in the class and that might kill the others). Then we did something the teacher called “contour drawing”.

FullSizeRender (1)

Do you see the teapot shape? ‘Cause it’s supposed to be a teapot. Basically we were drawing without looking at the paper or lifting the pen.

I confess. I looked once and lifted my pen a couple of times.

By the end of the class I was fried, and confident I had chosen well in signing up. This class is going to stretch me.

And on to what I’ve been amusing myself with.

Craft Vendor Booth Mistakes I already linked to this article but all I have done this week is obsess over panels, printers and archival-ness. I want to open a booth, I’m excited about it, but I still have so much work to do. And money to spend.

The Delicious Dozen Along with spazzing about everything archival and booths I went over our budget. The food expenditures nearly made me cry, although I knew it’d be bad because we just moved, still settling in, yadda yadda. So I’m trying to return to the strategy that works for us (and I’ve tried meal plans, planning weeks out, etc.): breakfast and lunch are the same everyday. You get cereal, you get a sandwich, and you can can add whatever fruits/vegetables I bought that week (that was on sale). I have yogurt and nuts always hanging around for mid-meal munching, and then dinner is either pasta, rice, chicken, tacos, or a medley (with frozen vegetables because I never ever ever use up the fresh things that I have given up on buying). And that’s it. Not a lot of variety but I don’t like cooking, I don’t like dishes, and at least it’s not sandwiches ALL the time.

Individual World Poetry Slam Championship Shivers. Just shivers. And then upon contemplation a more serious, sad mood, because she was one of the fortunate ones. Many, many more do not make it. And I feel powerless to help, because it seems like no matter what we do it’s never enough.

“Out of Sorts” Sarah Bessey is one of the few “Christian Inspirational” authors I can read. The rest make me gag. Her book Jesus Feminist was amazing, and I’m so looking forward to this one. She’s real, she’s unapologetic about being a female who roars rather than sits demurely in the back, being a good girl. She chronicles her disillusions with the Church, while staying hopeful and staying present. Most of all, she loves Dr. Who, so follow the link and enjoy all the Dr. Who gifs;)

And that’s it guys. Tomorrow I’ll be posting my Halloween coloring pages here and making both available in The Store, so grab them before they become irrelevant (you know, because Halloween only lasts one day, despite the efforts of kids nationwide)!

Art on!

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