Weekend Links

Wordy Weekend Links and Cute Mandalas

Would you like to see some of the newly completed mandalas? Of course you would, they are full of woodland-y cuteness:

owlcoloringpagephoto leafcoloringpagephoto


Ok, now on to the links.

The Hummingbird, Part Two What’s funny about this is that I had just had a mini-meltdown/rant on Facebook (if you’re picturing flames and bombs, that’s not how my rage happens, it’s more like I raise my voice slightly, but still) and decided to quit it for awhile. I was getting too emotional, I had missed a logical point (that’s important in my world, in my family, to consider all possible angles), and I was done. But then I read this. And decided to speak my piece. In as calm and rationale a manner as possible, to show that a rationale person can indeed contemplate, even hold, a differing viewpoint. So far no shouting matches.

When it Hurts A beautiful reminder that we are all confused by the political situation. We wish it hadn’t happened. We want to help but have concerns. We want to help and don’t understand other people’s hesitations. And so on. We don’t know what to do, so we wait. We pray. We take the steps we can.

Good Things Take Time “If anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing slowly.”. I don’t always agree-I’m actually very efficient and it brings me joy to figure out how to do things even more quickly and efficiently-but this can certainly be applied to other areas of my life. My art (can you imagine? I’m not an overnight success yet!!), my kids, health, etc. All those things take time, but the time it takes enhances it. Or can, at any rate.

Patreon So I actually haven’t listened to this-I hate podcasts, yes I’m behind the times-but it looked super interesting. Himself and I have talked about starting a comic strip-type thing, once I’ve learned how to draw people, and this might be a possibility if we turn out to be any good.

And that’s it, folks. We’ve got one lesson Monday night, and we have to do school Monday because we had a sick day this week (yay for homeschooling! I try to schedule long relaxing weeks off during the winter, when I don’t want to do anything, rather than in the summer, when I don’t want to be outside but we need to be active), but after that we’re in Thanksgiving mode!!

Art on, all.


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