I ate too much. Have a Black Friday Sale.

I can’t even tell you how many rolls I ate. Nor can I reveal how many cream puffs disappeared by my hand. Or how many pieces of pie I had. Actually, I only had two, so I can reveal that number.

Hopefully everyone had a good Turkey Day? And if not, that’s ok. You know that, right? If you hate the day, if this time of year brings too many bad memories and you despise all the turkey and “give thanks” yadda yadda … that’s ok. The Bloggess said it best. Give it a read if you need to.

I did have a good day, but then my definition of a good Thanksgiving is not traveling, not hosting, not having to cook, and being left alone to read and eat too much. I bought all pre-cooked stuff so I only had to heat stuff up, we stayed home, only one visitor, and all of us had a great day watching too much tv, reading, and eating too much. Perfect.

So now it’s Black Friday, and instead of links to articles I give you links to my shops and the ultra-secret password that gives marvelous discounts:

(The top-secret password: BLACKFRIDAY2015)

Everything in the coloring page shop is 50% off, minimum purchase $1.00.
And everything in my other shop is 25% off.


Happy shopping! And happy weekend!

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