Weekend Links

Wordy Weekend Links

Many bloggers I follow have shared tips and strategies for getting through the winter months. I never really sympathize (or is it empathize? I get those two mixed up) because I ADORE winter. Too much sunshine makes me cranky (I have the opposite of SAD, apparently).

That being said, I do slow down during the cold season. I plan for it. As homeschoolers, I am able to shift our workload to the summer months so we can relax during the holiday season, and also account for the major case of the blahs that we always get in January. I start the day with my favorite show (yay for Netflix) and then later, when I’ve had enough coffee, we go about our day. I refuse to feel guilty about this (which means I’m harboring some guilt, obviously).

One thing I haven’t slowed down on is producing artwork. The jury for getting work into our local art gift shop is in February, and I want to have enough variety. So while that TV show is on, while my kids mess up my house with art projects (they’ve built a car, two cars actually, and a variety of other stuff), I’m drawing away, tearing up my pens. I’ll give you a complete slideshow soon.

But on to the links!

Action or Inaction I’m going to veer away from the article itself, because reading it prompted me to think about niches. More specifically, how everyone has their own. I, for example, seem drawn to give to kids in impoverished nations. I know others who are called to a specific country, others who fiercely champion our own poor here in America. I even know people who donate to animal shelters. My point is, there are so many worthy causes. No one person can fund them all. Find your thing, the thing that gets you in your craw, and donate the heck out of it (as you are able, of course, but even something small is huge to those who desperately need it).

Kitchen Tools I saved this article because it mentions an inexpensive espresso maker and I wants it. Have you seen the show Gilmore Girls? Hi, I’m Rory and Lorelai rolled into one with a garnish of Paris. Meaning I love coffee. I adore coffee. I bring my own coffee with me when I travel (unless I know for absolute certainty what will be served and that I like it). I even bought a book about the history of coffee. Absolutely fascinating. Anyway, our coffee maker is giving out, we’re thinking we might have to buy a new one, and I want an espresso machine. There you go.

Santa doesn’t visit the Moore Fam Before I proceed, know this: I have talked with my kids many, many times about how we don’t burst other kids’ bubbles. Meaning they are not to go about telling them that their parents are lying to them;) Ok. So this article pretty much sums up why I have never, ever pretended that there was a Santa. It’s the one about the kids that DON’T get presents that really struck a chord with me; all the cute little tv shows portray the poorest family “magically” getting their wishes fulfilled and in real life that just doesn’t always happen. Adorable kids go without presents on Christmas morning. But if you celebrate Santa, and write “Santa” on gifts, that’s ok. This is my stance on the matter, and only my stance. I suspect my eldest will pretend that there is a Santa when she has kids because I have obviously curtailed her childhood experience;)

And that’s it, friends. Have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be bundling my kids up and making our way to our art center for the “artist mixer”-one of my pieces actually sold!!!! I don’t know which one, I’m going by today, but how exciting!!!!!!!!

Art on!

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