A mini-announcement.

You might have noticed that I’ve tried a couple different selling platforms on my website. I tried Ecwid, switched to Shopify, canceled Shopify, and then I decided to re-activate Ecwid, because they allow 10 free listings. I haven’t actually sold anything from the website (everything has gone through etsy or direct PayPal) so I was hesitant to pay for Shopify (although it was beautifully setup).

But now the shop is up again, and it looks beautiful. I fixed the shipping rates-when I looked at what it was set to before I nearly had a conniption. $9 to send a $9 box of cards. Yeah. Conniption.

This is what I have up right now:

Not a lot, but then I can only have ten items. And no digital files until I upgrade. If that’s something you’d like-if you don’t want to go through etsy-leave a comment. I’m still trying to figure out the best ways to get my artwork seen, and any insight is appreciated:)

Happy Saturday! If you’re in the Santa Fe area the Fuller Art Lodge Center (which is actually in Los Alamos) is having an open house and I’ll be stopping by. At some point. Maybe. This introvert has been working hard. But my artwork is on display, so I’ll probably be there.

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