Weekend Links

Wordy Weekend Links and a Mini-Me.


This week we’ve had the ickies. So lots of rest, lots of tv, lots of gatorade … and no going outside. I tell you, I have a major case of cabin fever. Thankfully today everyone seems to be getting better. The end is in sight!

But here is a happy thing: my eldest is drawing like me. I have a mini me:)


On to the links!

Reimagining our relationship with our work I remember furiously reminding myself everyday of why I should go to work. I enjoyed my job, I worked with great people, but it was retail. Not exactly life or death. So I struggled with finding a deeper meaning to what I did (ultimately I decided my mission was to connect great books with great people, and that helped a bunch). I even left my job for a bit to try something else-camp counselor, basically-and that was a mistake, because even though the people I worked with cared deeply about the kids and the camp, ultimately it wasn’t a cause I personally cared about (and I really, really, don’t like the outdoors or roughing it in any way, shape, or form). Now I am working towards building my art career and it is fun. I feel guilty sometimes that I’m in a position to do this without worrying about actually making a sales quota, and then I remind myself of how hard we both worked to make it here, and I feel better. For like two whole minutes.

My Favourite Books of 2015 These all look pretty heavy, which I tend to avoid (my own internal soliloquy is heavy enough, thank-you-very-much), but a few looked really, really good. I might even read buy them, and read, and underline. Then I’ll have to swear off the heavy stuff for the rest of the year;)

Things We Never Thought We’d Say ‘Thank You’ For I have no idea why I started following this blog. I do not have children on the spectrum, nor do I know any. I have continued reading because I find her encouraging: if she can soldier on, and be positive about it, so can I. And I think this post is one of the sweetest things I’ve read recently. I started thinking about how I’d say thank you to Himself, and I realized that mine would also involve bodily functions, although in my case it’s vomit. He always cleans it up, no questions asked, and that is so awesome, because I can’t stand the stuff.

Chronic Stress Over Money That isn’t the full title of the article; I got lazy and only typed half of it. I love reading all of the Simple Dollar articles; sometimes I breathe a sigh of relief, because we’re doing all the right things; sometimes I panic, because we’re not doing any of the right things. Basically, we’ve got future selves taken care of, because we’re starting late and set up a good retirement plan. Current selves … not so much. We’re getting better, but each month spending less than we earn is a struggle. I’ve found setting up direct withdrawals is the best way for us to contribute to savings/retirement, because then I’m not tempted to go out and buy more art supplies;)


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