Coloring Pages

The Coloring Pages Have Moved. Because I’m apparently spastic.

know I’ve already mentioned this, but I can’t remember when, so I’ll just ignore the fact that I’ve already told you and risk being boring and repetitive: I’ve moved the coloring pages back to wordsremember.

It is an unfortunate thing that I can’t tell if I’ll like something until I’ve tried it. So I’ve been trying different ecommerce platforms, and trying not to confuse potential customers, but I’m not sure I’ve succeeded. I had coloring pages here for a bit, but my monthly subscriptions were adding up and I needed to cut some, so those went away. I had two different Etsy shops, but when I got involved with the teams (I haven’t decided if it’s helping or just getting me useless favorites/views) I quickly decided I couldn’t promote two shops; and it is a fact that having more items increases the chance of being spotted. So I combined the two shops.

Not all the coloring pages are back up, but most of them are. I listed these this week:

Faith, Hope & Love.  $3.50 for all three.
The Christmas Trio. $3 for all three.
“Ocean Bubbles”. One of my more complicated designs, $2.50 (if you’re like “hey, why is this more expensive?” It’s because I discount the bundles. And partly because my pricing isn’t always consistent, although I try.)


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