Playing Catch-up.

This morning I realized that 33 of my listings were expiring tomorrow. So I’m frantically going through them, polishing titles and taglines, and trying not to annoy my followers on social media with constant tweets of “buy this!!!!” or “look at this fabulous coloring page!!!!”

So I’ll annoy you. These listings have been renewed today in the Etsy shop, and I’ll fill up this week with the rest of them:

The ladybug coloring page, $1.25, instant printable.
The butterfly coloring page, $1.25, instant printable.
“Doodle Rose”, 8×10 Photo Art Print, $10+shipping.
And another Valentine’s Day gift idea, “Roseheart”. Available as an 8×10 and 5×7 ($10 and $6 respectively).

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