Where I was, and Where I am now

It’s hard to grasp that I just started drawing last year. The hand control was there-I’m a calligrapher-but last December all I could manage was stick figures. And now I have major mondo plans to put a booth together and make the rounds this upcoming summer/fall/winter, selling both my calligraphy and artwork.

(and of course I’m already on etsy)

So in honor of completing what I consider to be my Freshman year in the School of Learning Art Not From A Major Institution, I shall show you Before and After photos!

My first projects!!!


My latest projects!!!


My first zendoodles!!!

(I actually still really like that rose)

My latest zendoodles!


My calligraphy then!!!


My calligraphy now!


My photography then!!!


My photography now!


And there you have it, my friends. I love seeing how far I’ve come, and I’d love to see your pictures too! Just leave comment so I can find your blog:)

Here’s to a fantastic new year with lots of progress and improvement for all of us!


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