Ideas. They Cometh.

My copyright law search was really only the tip of the iceberg. You see, this is the Year of the Booth. This is the year of me facing my fears, as we say, and bravely submitting my application to the various shows around me, juried and nonjuried.

This is the year of spending lots of money with no guarantee of return. I’ve estimated my potential expenditures-which include a tent, table, various display options, a Renaissance Fair dress (because I’ve been itching to do those shows), and of course the cost of archival display materials/giclees/frames/etc. And my total is a bunch.

This is also the year of trying new things. I visited Hobby Lobby (and only went over my budget by $8, a miracle) and bought some of those unfinished wooden alphabet pieces. I’m going to paint them up, Wordsremember-style, and start listing those (I want white on black and black on white with various patterns). I’m going to do a letter series again, but this time in black and white so they’re gender-neutral (those will be available as prints, potentially digitally, framed, etc.). I want to do bookmarks-downloads at first, to see how it goes, potentially physical ones in the future. I need to have 10-15 original pieces (I have maybe 3-4 I’d be comfortable showing right now). I want to potentially do Christmas ornaments to hang on the classy light fixtures I want to have to make my space feel amazing. I’m going to make my own journals and draw designs on them.

I also am returning to my roots-calligraphy. I’ve got a new quotation up (downloadable purchase) and I’ve got more in mind. I’m going to produce giclee prints of my quotes and paint mats for them and sell those (just picture the classic Irish Blessing with a mat of kelly green and gold). I’ve got wedding envelope addressing listings up again, and I’d like to expand those offerings (I’ve done two weddings, if you were interested, so I’ve definitely gotten my toes wet).

So right now I’m sitting here typing this and I don’t know where to start. That’s usually when I need to fall asleep; things always seem clearer in the morning. I’m excited about all this, I really am, I’m just a bit overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS. And all the design decisions (although I’ve assigned that problem to my mother and she’s already drawn me up a blueprint of layout and found cheaper ways to buy my display pieces). And freaking out about bathroom breaks at the Renaissance Fair. And backup plans in case the Square Reader crashes. And so on and so forth.

I’ll end with “my” saying: art on, friends! I’m hoping that in a couple of years I’ll look back at this post and think aww how cute! She was worried about making money! I’M SO FREAKIN BUSY AND OVERFLOWING WITH PROFITS. But that day won’t come if I don’t make the strides now, scary as they may be. Same with you. Make those little baby steps, so in a year’s time (or whatever unit of time) you’ll be able to look back and be amazed at your progress.

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