Friday Fail. But New Things!

This week has not been a good week for me remembering to write blog posts. I have ALL THE OTHER THINGS to do, and they’ve been FUN. I’m so excited for the letters, for the bookmarks (I have a LAMINATOR!!!!), and everything else. But between homeschooling, feeding everyone, keeping the apartment somewhat in order, and all the new art projects, I’ve just had a week. My enthusiasm will die down to a manageable level soon, and everything will be back to normal.

So I’ll show you pictures today instead. I’m not satisfied with the bookmark listing photos; I’m going to do them again today with a different background. The lamination makes it hard to keep the colors true-to-form. The letters I’m happy with, except for the B. Not sure what to do with that one.

$12+shipping, Set of Three
$12+shipping, set of Three
Letter B, $15+shipping
Letter C, $15+shipping
Wooden Sign, “Love”, $25+shipping

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