Weekend Links

Wordy Weekend Links: The Encouragement Edition

This week has been blah. I’ve done my research, made some changes, added new listings and ….. crickets. I know it’s January, I know it’s awful everywhere, but it’s a struggle to not take it personally, even though I know better. EVERYONE is saying “where did the sales go WHAT AM I DOING WRONG WHYYYYYYYYYY”.

So I looked up articles that offered encouragement, made more stuff, reminded myself of my long-term goals. And it helped, a bit. It helps more to read other people’s stories, to remember that most great artists/business people had long periods of discouragement/crickets but they kept going. So that’s what I’m doing: I’m still going and trudging and creating.

The Artist Pep Talk. This is from 2014, and it’s aimed at those in the music industry, but it’s totally applicable to any artist. #4 in particular … I have a ten-year plan. I also have a five-year plan. And a this-year plan. So while sticking my head out to see what’s going on short-term is vital to making crucial cosmetic changes, I really should be focusing on what I need to be doing to reach my long-term goals.

9 Steps to Staying Motivated, for Artists, Makers, and Creative Freelancers This is not exactly what I was looking for when I googled this topic-I have no issues being motivated to create, I just feel discouraged-but I found the advice applicable, especially #2: intrinsic motivation. I love to create, and pursuing global craft domination gives me a wonderful goal to pursue, but I created anyway. The external motivator merely refined my process and motivated me to be the absolute best at what I do.

5 Fears that Keep Artists from Posting Online. ALL THE POINTS. I remember last year taking photos and cringing, because I could tell immediately it wasn’t up to par. But I also knew that opening my etsy store, starting the blog, and starting up an instagram account was absolutely vital to me reaching for the stars, so to speak. My method of moving forward is to research, then do, then refine based on doing, research some more, then do again. So although I knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be, I followed amazing instagram accounts and started implementing changes, I looked at other etsy stores that were successful and have adopted some of their strategies, etc. The only thing I haven’t really tried to change is this blog, because I wanted “me” to shine through, and I don’t do polished very well. I talk too much.

So, my friends, be encouraged. Art on. And if you have tips for staying motivated let me know! Have a fabulous weekend!

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