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Introducing The Antique Series

A few years ago we bought a pretty coffeemaker from Target. It was purple-oh so cute. But then I found out it didn’t have a program button. So there was no pre-making coffee at night, when I had energy. I had to actually get up in the morning and make my coffee when really I needed coffee to make my coffee. But it still worked, and we didn’t want to waste money. Until a couple weeks ago, when it started not working some of the time.

So yesterday we went to Walmart (I don’t typically shop there) and I found out that you can get a programmable coffee maker for $10. $10. I was holding out on the principle of not wasting money and the solution to all my morning problems was $10. $10. Are you feeling me? I’m trying to type my outrage over the laptop and I don’t think it’s working. Anyway, we bought a programmable coffeemaker (the $20, because it was black and I like black appliances) and I’m much happier.

What does that have to do with my antique line? Absolutely nothing, just a humorous (to me, at least) anecdote I thought I’d share.

You’ve probably noticed I’ve upgraded my bookbinding attempts; I started with paper because it’s what I had, but I fell in love with stitch binding and had an antique falling apart and decided to upcycle it (my post on how to rescue a book). I’ve since found a shop that sells just the covers and spine (and antique books as well so I’ve shopped from both sections) and I’m incredibly happy with the results. I’ve made one more “antique” journal and I have two more rescued covers on the way, so excited!!!!

Upcycled Antique Charles Dickens Cover, Drawing Journal, Coptic Stitch
Red Antique Journal, French Stitch
I just love this view. I ADORE this one:)

Bear in mind that all of my handstitched journals feel a bit different than glue-bound ones; the spine gives a bit. But they are incredibly hardy-I unstitched one and it was a royal pain, very hard to take apart. I ended up using scissors.

So happy Monday! Art on, friends:)

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