Altered Book Art

Another Upcycled Project

This was Himself’s idea; when I announced what I was making He was all “SEEEEEE!!!! I DOOOO help you!!!!!” Because I mentioned recently I kinda sorta maybe wanted a business partner to help carry the load (I’m not making enough money to justify that but I have plans) and He was just a teensy bit hurt, since He occasionally makes brilliant suggestions so doesn’t that make Him my business partner?

And upon thinking about it, He DID do my taxes for me, which was a butt because I am a creative and do you really expect me to keep all my receipts? An actual list of my inventory? Like, itemized?

Apparently the IRS does indeed expect that. So yeah, totes fun and all that and I am so glad he looked at my horrified face and dived right in to the whole process and waited patiently while I gathered the many receipts from the far-flung reaches of the apartment (I actually did keep most of them) and figured out what to do with them.

Anyway. I have an entire falling-apart antique book just sitting there. It occurred to me one day it would be cool to draw a design on it, maybe sell them as prints because people (myself included) seem to like that. I drew two designs, scanned them, then left them sitting there because I am easily distracted. Until Monday, the day I WASN’T GOING TO DO ANYTHING (I made and listed four items, that’s why I put that phrase in caps).


So on THE DAY I WASN’T GOING TO DO ANYTHING I made these. I laminated the pages with a supportive backing and then discovered my hole punch was adjustable. This changes everything. I was making those journals with a little hole punch. That takes awhile. A LONG while (that wasn’t a factor in the price, I had planned on finding a faster method of making these).

Don’t they look awesome?!????? You can find them here and here in my Wordsremember shop over on Etsy.

Art on, friends!

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