Arm Knit Blankets, The New Addition

I’m in love with arm knitting. I’m in love with the blankets themselves as well-they are seriously cuddly. And they wrap around you. And the yarn I use is soft. When it finally starts raining I’m going to cuddle up under my own personal blanket (because the ones I make go immediately into a sterile bag once pics are taken, don’t worry), grab a book, and bask in the comfy feeling.

This one is a purple/turquoise/cream mix-my eldest saw it and was immediately crushed that I wasn’t making it for her (note: I’ve already made that child a blanket. And a journal. And coloring pages. It’s not like my kids are suffering) because TURQUOISE IS MY FAVORITIST EVER!!!!!!!!! And really, it looks amazing.


Should I do a tutorial on arm-knitting? I’m wondering if there’s interest. There are quite a few out there already-some were helpful, some not so much. Some were just 20-minute videos of the person knitting. I don’t find videos helpful, but I know many do (all hail YouTube); I actually found pictures and words to be best. If you think I SHOULD do a tutorial, leave a comment.

And Art On, my friends. Never quit.


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