Wordy Weekend Links

I’m currently away for my brother’s wedding (squee!) but here are a few articles I found that are super-encouraging, informative, and interesting.

Art on, my friends:)

Stop Beating Yourself Up This. Art is fickle; I’m on etsy forums and I’ll look at the shops that don’t have orders and the product is knock-down gorgeous. They just haven’t had their breakthrough yet, or, as I like to say (and I’m sure others claimed this phrase before me): they haven’t found their tribe. And that’s why I say “art on”; it’s for me, too, to remember that success may not come today, or tomorrow, but I think it will if I keep on going on (and I know it won’t if I stop).

I’ve got this. This is the best thing I’ve ever heard someone say in business, and I’m their faithful customer now (the ladies over at teeheejewelrydesign were the ones to utter those words, putting my anxious mind at ease during a stressful move).

Top 10 Colors for Fall I frequently don’t like the colors Pantone chooses. This season is no exception. I guess I’m a rebel? Or not artsy enough? I dunno. I read on Facebook that artists are supposed to sign their prints on the front, in pencil, with the number of the print (i.e. 4/60). And I had to chuckle, because many of my prints are made to be prints and I sign them wherever my mood dictates that day. And I’m usually supremely confident the person will love it. So, rebel.

Why money doesn’t equal success. This, my friends, is truth.


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