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I’m back from my brother’s wedding, which was unique and so very them, which I think is what they wanted, so that’s awesome. I don’t like weddings, or parties, there’s too much emotion, and I’m rather glad this is the last sibling wedding (which of course I attend, my brothers and their ladies are some of my favorite people). I have several years to prepare for my own kids getting married.

(And I am not the only one to dislike weddings-I googled this issue because I thought something might be wrong with me but no, lots of us are totes messed up. I generally try to find someone to talk to and make like a wallflower so as not to be a party pooper for anyone;)

And on to the links.

Track Your Time I’m on a few Etsy teams and frequently a new artist will post questions about how to price their art. I’m not an expert (although I did write a blog post about it) but I jump in anyway, because that’s how I am. And frequently I find they’re selling at a loss, because they’re not taking into account their time and skill level. So I’ll tell them (look at me being all confident) to follow this formula: materials+time+profit. When I first started my profit was nonexistent, which is fine, because I was (and still am) improving and getting to the point where people do a double-take and tell me how awesome something looks. Now I have a slight profit margin built in-not a bunch, but it’s there, and as I continue to sell I’ll increase that profit margin.

Fashion in the Thirties So this isn’t an art post, but it’s relevant to my life right now because I’m preparing to do shows and I am very aware that presentation is crucial to success. Not only should my artwork look amazeballs, I have to look amazeballs. Which is harder than it sounds because in general I’m not interested in fashion. I also have some sensory issues, just to throw another curveball, and I can feel any makeup I put onto my skin. And it bothers me. Even the super expensive kind that everyone says I won’t feel. I feel it. But selling art is a worthy cause so I’ve been taking notes and I think I have some outfits put together that will look smashing. I hope.

Worth Thinking About I need to be better at this. I have three kids and we homeschool in a very tiny apartment that needs constant cleaning so my time is limited and precious. I have a loose rhythm worked out but I still find myself going down the rabbit holes on Facebook or Twitter and I just can’t spare the time. Maybe one of these days I’ll get my act straightened out ….

And that’s it, my friends. We’re going to attempt some hiking this weekend, because we’ve been getting a serious case of the winter blues and it’s finally getting a bit warmed. I’ll also be working on a few projects, which I’ll share with you next week (I’ve been asked to do a fox and a Corps of Engineer card and another mandala).

Art on!


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