Art in Progress

Art in Progress: The Evolution of an Abstract Fox

My little fox is a mess of colors and zendoodling and abstractedness. I adore him, of course. I frequently comment-so this is probably boring by now-how in actual life I wear only black, but the things I create are just overflowing with color. I don’t get that.

The black and white outline of the fox, which is available as a coloring page.
You can barely see my pencil sketches but there is the original playing around.
Half the face is done!
All the face is done!
The fox and the body! And this is where I stopped taking pictures because I forgot I was doing this post.
The “official” photo.
A low-res image of the scan.

As you can see the colors from the scan and the colors in the picture don’t quite match up-that’s driving me batty but at the moment I’m letting it be. The print is a bit toned down, so the picture with the frame is closer to how the print of the scan looks. You can buy the print directly from my shop here or from etsy.

Materials Used:

Strathmore Mixed Media Paper

Sharpies, 80s Glam Set

(Those are affiliate links)

Art on, my friends!


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