Weekend Links

Wordy Weekend Links: The Strained Neck Edition

I went and strained my neck. I think it’s because I lugged a humongazoid bag around the airport a couple weekends ago. It’s still giving me issues. That’s a problem, obviously, because I tend to lean over my work and I’m working all the time.

Can someone say ouch?

Also this week I’ve been setting up my Amazon Handmade shop. I’ve seen a lot of back and forth amongst artists on whether or not it’s useful to sell there; I decided that since the monthly fee is waived until August I might as well give it a shot. So now I’m selling on three different platforms: Etsy, Shopify, and Amazon. I feel like I understand Etsy, I’m clueless about Shopify, and Amazon offers little seller support (and the forums are awful). We’ll see.

Visual Blessings  Someday I want to be like this artist. Her creations are beautiful, I life her website, and she has a coloring book out I actually want to color (I have found that since designing my own color book-coming out soonish-I have little appetite to actually color anything). I highly recommend checking her website out!

These Examples of Kerning Will Make You Cringe So who else had no idea what kerning is? Anyone? Just me? Well, you learn something everyday I guess. And yes, these examples made me cringe and want to fix things. Everything in my house is symmetrical and lined up proportionally. It’s beautiful. And soothing. And it drives my husband crazy because usually he’s the one fixing spacing issues for me.

An Artist Shares Her Impression of Amazon Handmade I’ve been trying to find articles from sellers relating their experience on Amazon handmade and haven’t really found anything. Maybe it’s too new? This is from last year, and I found it interesting and somewhat inspiring.

The Problem with Selling on Handmade at Amazon Now this article made me think. I’ve known I needed to build up my website-it’s why I went ahead and launched my store again even though I currently don’t expect sales (Google SEO is still a mystery to me, despite reading articles and watching videos). And when I start doing craft fares I want to point customers back to my website-not etsy, not amazon. Just plain old Wordsremember. But as I mentioned before, I’ll give Amazon Handmade til the fee kicks back in. I know how much I need to be making to turn a profit, and if I’m not reaching that I’ll pull the plug.

So what have you guys been reading/researching? This weekend I’ll continue to work on all of my sites and hopefully create some fabulous things (which I’ll share on Monday!) Also, I have created a Patreon page for Wordsremember. I wanted to create a sort of “goodie bag” experience-i.e. you pay a certain amount each month and then I send you stuff-and this seemed to be the best way. If you give $1/month you get a coloring page download, and the perks increase from there.

Art on, my friends!

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