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Wordy Weekend Links: Believe in Yourself Edition

I went and strained my wrist. I think it’s because I added weights back into my workout routine; I had been doing PiYo with no weights because I injured my elbow a while back the last time I incorporated weights. I think I’m sensing a theme …. I really should not lift weights. I seem to do better sticking with the yoga pushups and tricep dips (which is what PiYo does).

Anyway. I finished three paintings this week (pictures next week!). Two of them are potential show entries, which I’m excited about. I’m always trying to move forward, enter shows and find new ways to display my art; not because I think I’m all that but because I believe I can succeed. And I think you can as well.

Black Calligraphy Ink Comparison If you’re a calligrapher you should be following The Postman’s Knock-absolutely fabulous pictures/tutorials/etc. I’ve tried the inks she mentions in this post, and I’m a Dr Martin fan. It’s all I buy, in fact, when it comes to calligraphy inks.

Five Late Bloomers That Changed The Art World So this article was pretty cool, because I’m turning 32 this year and I just started. And I feel like I started late in the game, like I should be farther than I am right now. But then again, I’m a young whippersnapper compared to these artists!

Take Your Dreams Seriously If you’re not following Motivating Giraffe you really should be. The author publishes one or two illustrations a week that I find highly encouraging and motivating. Sometimes comforting if I’m having a “huddle in the corner and cry because my art totally sucks” day.

So Art On, my friends. Have a great weekend!

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