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And sometimes we check out and read a book.

I’ve been in a slump this week. The kind where none of your ideas sound good, you really have no drive to do anything … I think I may have burnt myself out just a wee bit. So I’m trying to relax (what is that?) and do fun things outside of artistic pursuits (do those things exist?). Like reading a book.

The last time I read a book was on Thanksgiving Day. It was wonderful: I ate a lot of sugary foods and rolls (I don’t really care about turkey or sides, give me the desserts and rolls) and then completely ignored everyone while I read straight through a couple of books. Glorious, uninterrupted-that day is burned into memory. I truly have been focusing solely on my business pursuits, however, so the day after Thanksgiving was business as usual, nose to the very enjoyable grindstone (because I love what I do).

But I’ve been sensing I need another break. I don’t like taking breaks when I enjoy what I’m doing; I want to be doing what I want to be doing. This week I’ve been fighting the whole “take a break” idea, and I’ve worked on a few projects (I’m up to “N” in my alphabet series), but last night I’d had enough and decided to read “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner. It was pretty good, it only took me a couple of hours, I feel rejuvenated, and I want to continue reading the series (I love a good book binge). I feel like life is fun again.

So what I’m trying to say, in a very rambly way because I don’t use outlines for blog posts, is that it’s good to take a break, even if you don’t want to. If reading one book changed my outlook, what could taking a weekend off do? Or (gasp) a full week? I don’t know that I’ll take a week off (as I’m typing this I have two journals in the process of being made, but those don’t really require as much artistic effort), but a weekend is doable. Maybe. We’ll see. Haha.

So art on, my friends, except if you need a break. Take the break, then art on;)

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