How I Did: March 2016

I wrote this post back in the beginning of March outlining my goals for the moth, and this is how I did!


My goal was to go from 53 sales to 100 and make $300-500. I also wanted to get to 300 listings.


  • 13 sales for a total revenue of $161.25. My sales on Etsy now show as 83, because I sold quite a few coloring pages and they count sales individually rather than in total on the front page.
  • I have 326 listings.

So I didn’t reach all my goals, but I didn’t do too badly either.


My goal was to get my Shopify store up to snuff and write interesting content. What I found was that I need a clone: I wore myself out and we have some big expenses coming up this summer so I once again closed my shopify store. I can only concentrate on so many things before I go nutso. I did write three blog posts every week; some were a little late but they happened.


I wanted one custom order through a different channel than Etsy and I did get one, although I counted that sale as an Etsy one because I used art already on there (I just rearranged it). I’ve been promised pictures sometime later this spring, so hopefully I can share what it was!


I wanted to increase my listings there to about 50. This didn’t happen; my Amazon goal fell flat on it’s face in a huge way. I don’t think I looked at it after writing my initial goal post. No sales, either.


I WAS accepted into the summer fair and I’ve been making notes about deadlines for other ones within driving distance for next year. I found a tent that’s considerably cheaper than the one I had decided to buy and it looks like it’s gotten mostly positive reviews. I’m almost done with my alphabet series, which is important because I wanted to offer that series as 8×10 prints and also cards and stationery sets. So I conquered this goal.


I mentioned that I was making final payment to my editor for my coloring book and that did happen-the book has been uploaded to the publisher and I’m waiting on my test copy! Once I’ve approved it I’ll be ordering 100 or so and putting them up for sale. I’m very excited:)

So that’s March. I’ll do a goals-post for April on Monday; I’m excited for a new month!

Art on, my friends. Happy Friday and may you not fall for any April Fool’s Day jokes.




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