New month, new goals. My main focus this month is visualizing my upcoming art fair AND being totally excited about my coloring book. I asked a very talented friend if they’d be interested in throwing me a book party and was completely blown away by the awesome ideas proposed. I find that I’m actually excited about a party, something I wasn’t sure could ever happen (I’m such an introvert). Squee!



I have 83 sales thus far and about 325 listings. I’ve been averaging 13 sales a month, so this month I’m aiming for 15 and $100-300 in revenue. I’m once again redoing SEO and pictures, along with a sensible promotion budget, so I think it could happen. I’m also still adding my alphabet series-8 more letters to do!


My goals are to continue writing 3 posts/week and taking ever-better pictures. I’d also like to write about my upcoming art fair-how I’m getting ready, thoughts on setup, etc. I’d also like to do another tutorial on something, not sure what yet.


My goal is to have one custom order per month, either from friends/family or Facebook/Instagram. I’ll continue to post engaging pictures and involve my audience.


I actually made a sale through Amazon, and I’ll freely admit it got my sales mojo going. I’m trying to add five products/day to get to my original goal of 50 listings.


Decisions, decisions. I’ve got the tables, I’ve found a cheaper tent  and now I’m wigging out about tablecloths and props. I’ve already got a black and white theme going and I’ve thought of adding touches of red, a thought that’s been confirmed by people more talented than I at interior design. I can’t actually buy anything until July, so I need to be ready to buy to ensure everything arrives by August 18th.



I’d like to keep my spaces organized this month. Maybe even condense them-I’ve got the dining area, a table by the only window to get decent light, and room in the kitchen for my paints. You could say I’ve taken over the house. I’d also like to continue learning about how best to market on both Etsy and Amazon.

So what have you guys been working on? I’d love to hear about your goals and dreams!

And Art On, my friends. Have a great week!


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