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Wordy Weekend Links: The “I Need A Real Camera” Edition

I have yet to find/design a logo that I LOVE. That I’m willing to actually stick with. So I’m constantly fiddling, and the featured image is my latest attempt. It would look better if I had something other than an iPhone to take the photo with, but it’s not horribly blurry so I’m “being content”. For now. I do love the red/white/black composition, so I’ll probably keep that going (it’s what I think I’ll do with my booth setup as well).

3 Ways Being An Artist Is Like Being A Mermaid One of the people I follow in the Twitterverse penned this, and I thought she was totally spot-on. Another way to view our weird artist life:)

Your work-life balance hangs in these four quadrants I saw this link on Facebook AND Twitter so I reluctantly looked at the article. I say reluctantly because I didn’t want to read yet another article on how I can totes balance everything, I just have to prioritize. Or whatever buzzword that author choose to use. Buuuuuuuuuut-this one was good. It was another way to look at the things we fill our lives with, and sometimes that’s all we need: a different viewpoint.

13 Ways To Be A More Productive Artist This is very similar to the articles I frequently send Kerry on how to fit in writing time: it will vary. What works for you won’t work for me, etc but you SHOULD figure out a rhythm. I wake up early to work, I work during my youngest’s nap-time (don’t ask what I’ll do when he outgrows them, I’ve no idea) and I work in the afternoon when we’ve finished all our schoolwork. On the weekends I’ll put in longer sessions, and a couple times a week I get to go the library all by myself and catch up on clerical shenanigans. Not enough time, but it’ll do.

Motivational Giraffe This seemed apropos; earlier this week I looked at various shops that were selling several items per day and I totally have better pictures and better items (well, I think I do anyway) but I’m not getting several sales a day. Sometimes it just is what it is:)

And Art On, my friends. This weekend we’ll be hiking and organizing our bookshelves. What will you be up to?

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