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What If?

What if I fail?

What if all my grand schemes go splat?

What if I have no backup plan-I’m really counting on this one working?

What if someone tells me I’m simply not talented enough?

Those are the questions that have been rolling around in my head. I thought it was just late-night, not enough sleep fears but they’re still here this morning, so I guess I need to pay attention. These are the moments the greats look back upon and say “you just have to keep going”. But do we ever hear from the people who just keep going and never arrive? What happens to them? I rather hope they found a slightly different path and blossomed there.

I have no amazing quote to look back upon when I’m rich and famous, just the knowledge that I shall keep trudging on. Even if no one ever wanted to look at my art again I’d still be pulling out my pens and pots-and I guess that’s my answer. The art will go on. I can’t control how people will react, but I can Art On. I can keep improving, seeking new visions. At least there I’ll be in great company; many of our great artists were never recognized during their lifetimes but they kept going anyway.

So I hope you too keep trudging, keep writing, keep drawing, keep studying-whatever it is you’re pursuing. I have a hunch this is the field of doldrums, and once we break out of it we will be so glad we didn’t just quit there.

Happy Wednesday;)

2 thoughts on “What If?

  1. You are clearly talented. There are lots of people who are nay-sayers. It doesn’t cost anything to tell someone that they’re not good enough or don’t have talent. How can talent be quantified? Is a person who says “You don’t have enough talent” “the god of art”? You may not get a good monetary return on your work. But as you know, that has much more to do with the market than with you. My life is richer because of your art.

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