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Wordy Weekend Links

I finished listing the alphabet notecards on Etsy this week. I need to upload them onto Amazon and then that project is officially done. I’m quite proud; I have a hard time sticking to a set theme because I get bored and wander on to other projects. (If you’d like a set of personalized notecards you can find them here)

I’m also on course to finish two “originals”; I create art specifically for cards/bookmarks/notecards so in my head I tend to put my larger work in quotations. This is good; I don’t have nearly enough to put on a proper display, but I’m inching ever closer.

The Single Piece of Advise That Changed the Course of My Career A while back I went on a blog-following spree: I wanted to follow lesser-known artists because I felt they’d have a more realistic view on life. You know, the ups and downs of people who don’t make millions but keep going on anyway because they’re there for the art. This dude comes up with some pretty solid advice, and I loved this article, because it sums up my outlook perfectly. Of course I still do marketing, of course I’ll do advertising whenever I can, but I’ve tried very hard to make it very “me”. And I try not to focus on networking for the sake of networking, with varying degrees of success;)

10 Emojis Every Designer Needs Right Now This is for my eldest child, who spent one evening texting me various emojis and then asking what they meant. I knew a few, but honestly I rarely go beyond your basic smiley emoji.

Options for Online Art Classes Last year I closed up my etsy shop for a month and went a-traveling. I brought along a few supplies and ended up doodling away, trying various zendoodle patterns within other patterns. It’s when my current style was born-and it’s because I took a bit to really soak up the knowledge. I’m feeling like I need to do that again; I was following a 30-day drawing course but life and business demands intervened (my coloring book needed to be drawn, I had ideas for artwork in my current style, commissions, etc). I adore my style, but I want to expand a bit, because learning new things is never a bad thing. And if one day I could draw the cute little manga figures: we will have arrived. Anyway-this is a great guide, and I’ll be checking out some of the cheaper options!

So Art On, my friends. I’ll be spending the weekend finishing up various pieces and hopefully making awful attempts at humanoid figures. What will you be up to?

Have an awesome weekend!!!

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