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Ten Years Ago …

Ten years ago I was dragging my feet at the prospect of getting my makeup done. I’m far too lazy to have a regular beauty routine and I don’t like looking unlike myself so I had the lady go for a natural look. She did a wonderful job; I look at pictures from that day and I look like me (I don’t have any to share-I don’t actually know if I have image files).

Since then we’ve survived colic, PPD, regular depression (is there a regular kind?), college, being below the poverty line (finances tend to factor heavily in divorces, which is why I mention that), the death of a child, moving, moving again, and then moving yet again. It’s at this part of the narrative that people tend to say “but I’d do it all again”. I actually don’t like that saying; I don’t particularly want to go through some of those experiences again. I like them staying memories.

I will say that neither of us is the same person we were ten years ago. Kerry went from being content working part-time retail to being an engineer and has completely changed his work ethic for me (I tend to never stop and value that quality in others-I’d make a terrible boss). I’ve become more adventurous, more willing to accept change. We’ve both gained life experience, become wise (sometimes) and responsible (again, sometimes). We’ve worked so hard and been blessed in so many ways.

We’ve also got three kids. We’re out of the baby stage; I was so pleased the last one was born while I was 29 so that my 30s could be entirely devoted to fun (I went through PPD with each child and the early years were not an easy experience for me). It hasn’t all been fun; we bought a house because we thought we were finally staying put and then we didn’t and we’re STILL waiting on that house to sell so we can fully enjoy being where we are now. But I started my art career when I was 30, and that has completely changed me for the better. Kerry is incredibly happy with where he is, which makes the most recent move worth it. And we can go out to dinner occasionally, which was my rubric for happiness when we first met (I do like my food).

Tonight we’ll be ordering pizza and getting icecream and a movie. My kids call it “Pizza Night”, and it is a treasured event in our household. We’ll probably reminisce about the past ten years and hypothesize about the next ten. We’ll eat too much pizza and it will be delicious.

And it will be ten years.

Ok now I feel old.

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