New and Awesome THINGS from Wordsremember

I got a cold over the weekend. It’s still here, and I feel blah but not too blah, which means I can’t laze around on the couch all day watching t.v. Yes, it is kind of a bummer.

Anyway, I did get some work done on Saturday before my head filled with glue, and I’m quite pleased with them. Especially the little ornaments, which are still a work in progress.

I’ve already changed these ornament designs to include rounded corners and I put the ribbon in the spine so you could write in them.

I know several people who adore owls so I made this to torment them.

I also know several cat lovers so this also seemed like a good idea;)

Go here to buy if you want to. I’ve also updated all of the other journals to include more paper; they all really feel like journals now, journals meant to contain writings and musings and thoughts. I’m quite pleased.

Now to suffer through the rest of Monday. Art on, my friends!

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