How I Did: April 2016 Edition

I forgot to write a “Wordy Weekend Links” post this part Friday. I think that about sums up my April: good intentions falling flat. We’re at the part of the year that this homeschooling parent seriously contemplates just quitting-they’ve hit their goals, we’re almost through, so that’s it, yeah? Ok awesome.

(Note: we’re not done with this school year yet, although I did take this past week off because I was not feeling well)

So April. April was a horrible sales month. But let’s look at numbers.


My goal was 13 sales and $100-300 in revenue. I ended up with 2 sales and $12.83 in revenue. I’m not sure what to say about this; I have been redoing SEO and pictures, adding new things, doing some paid promoting (certainly not less than what I was doing in previous months), and I’ve been fairly consistent with tweeting, pinning, facebooking, and instagramming.

But if I look at the big picture-I had one sale in April last year, and that was to a family member. That still counts, of course (I’d be worried if my family didn’t want to buy from me) but the two sales in April were new customers.


My goals were to continue writing 3 posts/week, write a tutorial, and take better pictures. I took better pictures, forgot to write last Friday’s post, and did not around to doing a tutorial. This month can only be better, right?


My goal is to have one custom order per month. I did have an inquiry, but after sending a quote I haven’t heard back.


There is simply not enough time in my day. I did get to 50 listings, which was my goal (hurray!) but my Amazon storefront needs some serious love still.

Art Fairs

Lists have been made, new ideas are being talked about, and it occurred to me yesterday that I should probably order bags for sales. I’d say I accomplished my goal in this category-I mainly don’t want to lost momentum.


My goal was to keep my spaces organized. I did clean up several times, but I’m still taking up a fair amount of our space. I’m thinking I might just need to accept the situation.

So what have you guys been up to? I’d love to hear in the comments!

And Art On, my friends. Have a great Monday!


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