Artistic Goals: May 2016 Edition

I think this is going to be a good month. I’ve already had a custom order/sale and my coloring book will be here soon and I’ve had multiple people express interest in purchasing it.



We’re going to stick with a goal of 13-15 sales and $100-300 in revenue. Despite April being a bit of a sales bust these are numbers I’ve hit before so I know it’s possible. I’m continuing to add new items, redo pictures and SEO, and doing my social media rounds.


I like to have my posts written ahead of time, so that’s my goal for this month: always be at least a day ahead. I’d like to write more about my process, and since that’s less work than a tutorial I think I just might get to it;)


I already have my commission, and I’m excited about it. I’ll share pictures when it’s done!


Make it look pretty, and add more stuff. I think I have about 50 items; I’d like to get to 75. And I’d like to redo some of the pictures I have up-I can do better.

Art Fairs

I’m wanting to put together gift baskets with a unifying theme: i.e. I’ll have an “Owl” gift basket with an owl journal, owl notecards, 5×7 owl print, and then maybe some sort of bookmark. Presentation is key with that sort of thing, so I want to experiment a bit (pictures will be forthcoming!).


I’ve been reading a lot about simplifying, mostly because I’ve felt so scatterbrained lately. I’m not talking about simplifying possessions-we’ve done enough of that for now-but time. I want what I do with my time to matter, so that’s my goal for this category.

What are your goals for May? I’d love to hear about them!

Art on, my friends.

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