New Artwork: “Love” and “Friend”

I’m continuing my foray into Chinese calligraphy by rendering the very generic symbols for “love” and “friend“. I picked up a few books about the history of Chinese calligraphy and I’m just itching to take a course (my preferred method of learning, rather ironic since I was homeschooled and am homeschooling my kids). Years of learning there. Fascinating, fascinating history. And of course so beautiful.

And Art On, my friends:) Happy Hump Day!

15 thoughts on “New Artwork: “Love” and “Friend”

    1. Although I attempted to avoid any taboo color combinations (that was a fascinating read, the impact different colors have on different cultures) I typically color with “what feels right”, and in this instance I thought a combination of purple, blue, and sea green would be pretty (I think I was thinking of Princess Twilight from My Littly Pony, she has a similar coloring). It DID photograph very dark, so I might try a different color combination in the future:)

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      1. I understand your concern, well, just hope to see the 友 is vivid (If you are referring to princess twilight little pony, yellow is used😊)
        Also, may be you a right, could be the effects of photos ) well, will visit your site again! 😊

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      2. Thanks! So far I’ve only utilized outlines, but I plan to also start practicing with the proper tools. I may or may not share those first attempts, it’ll depend on how well it goes haha.

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      3. Well, it was my mistake, I click into your latest March of the stationery then I love it, and the moment I saw the 愛 ( love) and友 ( friend) I started to write to you. …I should go and start reading from the introduction.
        😂Nice to chat with you, Rebecca

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      4. Sorry, slip of fingers( sent out an incomplete reply) honestly, though I have not fully gone through your handmade stationery, I could appreciate your joy or enjoyment from the two sets of stationery.
        Just hope you don’t mind I ask questions on your design😅

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      5. I don’t mind at all! I enjoy talking to people about my art and art in general. I’ve got quite a bit of my stationery on the blog; if you wanted to see all of them it might be easier to view in my online store ( I’ve got a “greeting cards” section on there😊

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