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Wordy Weekend Links

I’ve had a lot of fun this week not really doing anything. I’ve still produced art, but it’s been more of an exploratory period for me (Chinese Calligraphy, unplanned doodling, etc). I’ve also been re-reading some of my favorite authors (Elizabeth Peters! John Scalzi! Terry Pratchett!); I find that it’s like spending time with an old friend. I plan on taking it easy this weekend, but that means I’ll probably decide to reorganize a major section of my shop. ‘Cause that’s how I roll.

And on to what I’ve been reading:

50 Hard Science-Backed Facts About Color  This was a longer read than most blog posts, but I found it illuminating. I’ve never chosen colors to evoke a specific response-I just go with what feels right-but I found my reactions to certain colors interesting. I don’t like blue, for instance, never have, and neither do I really like red or yellow. I like purple, green, and black (I know I know, not a color)-not really seen as “cheerful” colors.

Top 10 Ways to Empower Women on Global Giving Day and Beyond This isn’t an art-related article, but it mentions Fair Trade Friday, an organization we support. At first I was hesitant-it seemed wrong to be getting something out of charitable giving-but I read the stories of the women who create the items and was floored by how excited they were to see their creations travel the globe. Their reaction changed my mind and I now look forward to my monthly box of truly beautiful items.

I also read an article about the desks creative types tend to keep. It was very inundated with various products for sale so I didn’t feel like actually linking it but I was relieved to know Albert Einstein-and various other creatives-have very messy desks. Because mine looks messy even when I’ve straightened it:


And that’s only one workstation. I’ve got three now, all in various stages of messy creativity. I do try to keep it clean but then I get a new idea and the cleaning bit goes out the window.

So that’s it-have an amazing weekend! And as always, Art On:)

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