A Summary of May Goals and Whether Or Not I Accomplished Them

I’m writing this ahead of schedule so it’s possible I’ll have some last-minute sales, but I’ll include them in June’s summary. Because I’m ahead of schedule!!! (I’m incredibly detail-oriented in many areas but my creative life is classic scatterbrained artist).




My goals were to get 13-15 sales and $100-300 in revenue:

  1. Sales: 18 (woot!)
  2. Revenue: $261.20 (another woot!)


My goal was to be ahead of schedule. I count this goal accomplished, because this here article is ahead of schedule! (And I also actually did keep on top of things;) No tutorial, but maybe next month.


This category covers commissions outside of etsy-I had already met my goal for May and I’ve got a current commission that is fulfilling my goal for June!


I’ve got my Amazon store on vacation right now. I received a 3-star review (5 is the best) that noted the lettering was pretty but the item was too expensive. This was my concern with Amazon: I’m in the handmade category but Amazon shoppers (myself included) are used to seeing rock-bottom prices. Nothing wrong with that, but I felt I needed to step back and reevaluate my Amazon presence. I’ve decided to continue-they extended the fee waiver for artisans-but I used that review to propel a redo of my packaging strategy. It’s my job to make the customer feel that the item was worth it, and I know what I sent did not convey that feeling. I think what I have now does (for most people-there will always be that one customer;). Once my vacation is over I’ll reopen (I finally get a vacation!!! I’m shutting down EVERYTHING).

Art Fairs

My goal was to put together gift sets, and I nailed that. Look at my butterfly one, my coffee one, and my St. Catherine of Siena one. I’m pretty pleased with myself:)


My goal was to simplify, and I did not get around to that. My art area is still a humongous mess:( but once our vacation is over the plan is to purchase a bookshelf for me to put my art fair product in (I have to create quite a bit) so that should help.

How was your May? Did you accomplish your goals? I’d love to hear about it!

And as always, Art On:)


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