Goals: June 2016

I will be shutting down operations for a vacation this month (although I still be blogging-I’ve got most of my posts written already) so my goals are fairly nonexistent. I don’t want any pressure: I just want to have fun.

That being said, my lovely SIL is throwing me a book-launch party and I’m bringing some product along, so we’ll see. (If you’re in the Houston area you should come by!) But that’s it. Well, I DO have a commission. But other than that. THAT’S IT. Maybe. We’ll see.

What can I say? When the Muse hits it hits.


Let’s say 5-10 and $100ish. I’ll be open for part of June so it could happen, although I don’t plan on doing much of anything other than renewing listings this month.


Post 3x/week. Share some pretty pictures. I’ve got some of the posts written already so we should be good.


This category is for sales outside Etsy. I’m already working on a commission so we’re calling this one good.


I’ll look at this when I open everything back up again, but I also have an art show to prepare for so I’m not sure how much time I can put into it. I think I’ll adjust some pricing and then let it be til I have more time.

Art Fairs

I’ll be narrowing down presentation ideas and making lists for stuff I need to buy (I should’ve done this already but I don’t like lists) in July (which is when I’m going on a huge buying spree). Should be fun?!?


I really want to relax. I’ve got the art fair in August, Christmas to ramp up for, and art shows to enter so I need a tiny break. I’m not good at relaxing-I’m a work horse-but I want to try.

And that’s it. What are your June goals? I’d love to hear about them!

Art On, my friends:)


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