Why Taking a Total Break Is Apparently Necessary

I fully intended to work throughout my “vacation”. I enjoy what I do, I’m passionate about it, and apparently I grossly underestimated how close to burnt out I was. I listened to myself, though, and did nothing. No drawing, even (although I did finally buy Drawing On The Right Side of the Brain).


I’m still groggily making my way back to normal (I have a commission to finish, some website work to do) so I haven’t seen the rewards that come with complete rest, but I HAVE observed that every time my kids are placed in a different environment they grow exponentially, so I’m thinking the same could be true of us adults as well. I certainly transitioned from nervous driver to confidently zipping my way through downtown Houston traffic;)



True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment..jpg



So hopefully I will see great strides in my development as an artist. I feel like I should: I had some time away from my kids, which means I actually slept through the night; I enjoyed some incredibly tasty food from restaurants I hadn’t tried before; I baked in the sun (I DID wear sunscreen but my mother and I tend to brown quite nicely); I took walks and runs in beautiful places-it sounds almost hedonistic.

And here I am, back in the real world and my very real schedule. Art on, my friends-I hope to be showing you new pieces soon!


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