How I Did: June 2016 Goals And Whether I Met Them


My goals for this past month were very small. We were going on vacation, I was approaching burnout, I just didn’t have the oomph.

Conversely, of course, this was my best month yet.


My goal was 5-10 sales and $100.

  • Sales: I had around 12. A few were repeat customers at my coloring book launch party.
  • Revenue: $425 or thereabouts. One thing I learned at my book launch is that I need a receipt form for cash purchases.


Fail fail fail. Because midway through my vacation I just didn’t want to. But I figure that means I did vacation right, so it’s a win;)


Stuff outside of Etsy, and I had commented earlier that I had a commission already so this category is a slam dunk.


I’m waiting for a library evening to occur so I have time to revamp/open this up again (it’s on vacation mode right now).

Art Fairs

I WAS going to be purchasing everything this month, but I’ll be waiting til next month. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to reveal why, although it’s really not that exciting unless you’re us.


Kerry had requested I take it easy this summer, aside from prepping for my show, and I’m doing my best to honor that request, which jives with my original goal. I’m done with the commission, I’ll (probably) have started work on a project for an art show by the time this posts, and other than that I’m coasting.

How was your June? Let me know!

And Art On, my friends:)






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