July 2016 Goals and Dreams

July 2016 Goals

Happy Day-After-The-Fourth! I went for a 3-mile run, the family went for a 2-mile hike with icecream at the end, and then we took the bus to our town’s massive 4th of July celebration. We lasted three hours before the littlest was DONE, which meant we missed the fireworks. We were not sad.

Off on adventures!!!

So. Goals for July.


I’m still on “summer break” so we’ll keep it low. 5-10 sales, $100 in revenue? That would cover most of my business expenses for the month.


I’ve been taking more photos of our adventures as we galavant across New Mexico. I’d like to actually blog about that (especially since I’m not actually drawing all that much right now, but rather I’m soaking in inspiration. And not persperation, because I live in the mountains and it’s not -as- hot).


This is stuff outside Etsy. Frankly I’m content to let what may come my way come my way, rather than go out looking for it.


I DO really want to redo my store there, so I’ll be angling for a few library nights to get that done.

Art Fairs

I need to start printing all the various things and make more bookmarks. August 13th!!!


Our fall is looking like we’ll be incredibly busy, so I want to keep calm right now. Reading books, drawing only when I feel like it, etc.

What are your goals/aspirations? I’d love to know!

Art on, my friends.



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