There is still beauty.

I don’t know about you, but the last few weeks I’ve not really wanted to open my various social media accounts. Tragedy has always walked amongst us, I know that, but there’s something different in the air. It’s not just that things have been happening in the U.S. (we have a deplorable tendency to ignore tragedy elsewhere), but we’ve been more aware of global happenings. Good and bad, I think.

So I’ve been trying to focus on beauty, and I’ve taken a few shots of various spots around our tiny hometown. Gardens are kept by dedicated volunteers purely for the enjoyment of the passerby, we have a pond that is also meticulously cared for (especially the ducks-many citizens apparently have a soft spot for them) and which is the site for numerous free events for our community. Not enough, no, but it does represent a community trying to gather and enjoy what is around us.

I’ve also included a few shots from one of our historical landmarks over the mountain in Jemez Springs. If you’re ever up this way you simply MUST bring a camera. Mine has not done justice.


So art on, my friends, and try to find the beauty that is around you.


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