There is enough, and Wordy Weekend Links

I read an update from the Bloggess yesterday. She’s one of my favoritest-people-that-I’ve-never-met. I admire her talent, her courage, I love her books, and more recently the artwork she’s been sharing. It’s actually very similar to what I do, which meant that yesterday a tiny voice popped up in my head. It said “well dangnabbit thats what YOU do! you’ll never make it now, her stuff is tons better hahahahaha you’re sunk!!!”

Even my inner critic is verbose.

Now obviously I know none of that is true. I know I have talent, I know there is a space for what I do, and it has not been diminished in any way. On the contrary, I try to delight in what another artist produces, because it is a unique vision brought to life. And most of the time that tiny voice doesn’t even make an appearance. I see other artwork, similar to mine or no, and I want that artist to succeed. I want to own the art (and thereby contribute financially to that artist’s journey), to share it with others.

There isEnough Beautyfor all.

I sincerely believe there is room for all of us, that there is a tribe each of us can speak to. I suspect, though, that even the insanely talented amongst us sometimes feel insecure. I think it’s part of what makes us artistic. Doubt, fear, confidence, bravery, angst, wallowing-these emotions all contribute to the pathos and beauty we produce. We just can’t let it keep us down or prompt us to diminish another’s work.

Which means I’ll be buying whatever books/artwork the Bloggess produces. I buy (when financially able) any artwork I see that speaks to me, even if it’s similar to what I do.

There is enough for all.

And on an end note, I found this article about ten of the more successful writers inspiring. I feel like it goes with what I wrote but not quite, so I couldn’t figure out how to work it in less awkwardly. Oh well.

Art on, my friends, and have an incredible weekend!signature



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