Christmas in July

I’m so behind on Christmas.

Did that just blow your mind? The truth is, though, that most retailers/shop owners start getting ready during the summer (or sooner, depending upon volume). I’m used to it, having worked many years in retail, but I have friends and family who protest when I start sharing Christmas photos in July. All goes with the territory, unfortunately;)

So, a coupon code to my Etsy store for you. I’ve just updated my Christmas section and I’ve been adding other new products as well.


I’ve got these prints available now, and I have vague plans of possibly doing a star. We’ll see.

These are new; I wanted a minimalistic, doodle-oriented Christmas card.

These aren’t new (well, the Christmas Presents card and the Christmas Ornament card are), I designed these for last Christmas, but I still think they’re cute.

And these are just gorgeous, IMHO. These were my top sellers last year.

You can find all of these products here. And don’t forget your coupon code: CHRISTMASINJULY2016.

I do have some book ornaments planned as well, but the charms I ordered aren’t here yet so I’m still working on the prototype. Pictures to come!

Happy Hump Day! Art on, my friends:)


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