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Don’t Forget to Take the Pictures, and Wordy Weekend Links.

First, some catching up: our house in Amarillo sold! That means we can now start looking for a bigger house, possibly with a studio area. You simply have no idea how I’ve been salivating over that idea. Or maybe you do, one never knows. But I’ve outgrown what we have and it’s incredibly distressing and not compatible at all with the creative process. At least mine.

So you know how many families have oodles of pictures of everyone except the picture-taker? I’m trying to fix that, and so lately I’ve taken a few selfies and hijacked other people to take pictures of me. I like me in black and white. And I’ll tell you, it’s practically an art form in itself, the taking of selfies. There were so many bad ones.

This is from last year, and it’s aimed at writers, but I think any creative could find Stephen King’s advice useful. I especially like #s 1 &2.

Seth Godin pointed out that nowadays we all use the same software, whether you’re just starting out or well-established (depending upon the industry, of course). This is powerful stuff-as an artist, you don’t necessarily need the professional-grade materials. You can start and progress and gain followers/admirers with just a regular pencil and piece of paper. And in fact that’s the advice I’ve received: don’t avoid something because you don’t have the materials. Do it with what you have. (It’s worth noting that I spend a rather large amount of money on professional-grade materials, but at this point I need to since I’m actively selling pieces)

Have a great weekend, my friends! And of course, art on.signature

One thought on “Don’t Forget to Take the Pictures, and Wordy Weekend Links.

  1. The first pic is actually pretty good! And the one your brother did as well. You’re right, I have far fewer pics of me…

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