There is a Season for Everything.

As I write this my house-tiny apartment, really-looks like a gigantic box barfed little boxes over every available surface. What actually happened is that my littles decided to be helpful and constructed boxes and then, because they are little, decided to play in them.


Fun, right? We did clear a pathway to the door later, because safety.

I’ve also been filling these.


Since my setup is not geared towards mass-producing, merely average producing, printing enough cards to fill these two beauties up takes up a good chunk of time. I’m almost done with those two displays and I have awesome signage (through Canva, the freebies).

IMG_9483 (1)

My actual designated desk is also a mess right now. I think it’s gotten worse since I took this photo.

IMG_9291 (1).JPG

So that is our season right now. We’re about two weeks away from my first art fair (August 13th! If you’re near Santa Fe head on up to Los Alamos-we’ve got an entire weekend of shenanigans planned) and a month from moving, if all the inspections turn out well.

And then I’ll have room again. So much room (we’re nearly tripling our available space, but then this apartment was really too small to begin with-it’s all that was available). A dedicated art space … an uncluttered desk (ha!).

So have a great weekend, my friends. And as always, Art On, even if it’s only for a minute here or there because of your current season.


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