Wordy Weekend Links and a Mock Setup

We did a mockup of our setup for Saturday last night. Note the couch that has been pushed out of the way-our apartment is really small. Also note the ribbon my eldest festooned the tables with;)

And on to the links.

Entrepreneurship is a Mindset. I might buy this print-it’s an important reminder.

Do You Need To Learn Digital Painting? I need to learn-I’ve got some black and white scans that would look good in a variety of colors, so this is now on my ever-growing list of things to learn;)

The Myths and Realities of ‘Doing What You Love’ This rather messed me up as a young adult. I wasn’t very passionate about anything, except books, and so I had no clue what I should do. I ended up working at a bookstore (aha! I followed my passion;) and found that I’m very good at organizing and paperwork-so if I ever need a job again I’ll go that route. I’m telling my own kids that they need to get a day job, in order to pursue their night job/passion, and then if that passion pays off you quit your day job. I feel like this is a sensible course.

Art on, my friends. Pictures of the actual booth on Monday! (and a possible meltdown-we’ll have to see how it goes!)


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