Nope, Not This Week.

This is moving week. We’re doing this move ourselves so there hasn’t been too much fanfare, we’ve done this 14 times. 12? It’s at least over 10. ANYWAY. We’ve moved a lot. It’s second nature. I’ve got my kits for each of the critical rooms of the house so they can become fully functional right away, I’ve got my nice candles/wine kit, we’ve got access to a moving van this weekend …

So I thought I could keep everything going. The blog, the shop, regular activities.

And once upon a time, I could’ve. If you don’t know the story, I’ll give a brief overview: husband and I went back to college with two kids and worked 3-5 jobs between us while parenting/doing homework/one of those jobs was the National Guard so he was away sometimes/the year I got promoted and only worked FT while homeschooling PT was a break. So even though it took us a full year to recover from that five-year journey, I still think I can maintain that level of busyness. It’s my standard, and it really shouldn’t be. It’s like with running: I used to get up at 5 a.m. and go for a 5-mile run (or more), rain, snow, or the rare sunshine. I had discipline. But nowadays I feel no need to do that. I could, if I really wanted to, and maybe once the kids are older, but nah. I prefer running in the afternoons now, when it’s nice and the sun is out.

So my point, amidst the rambling, is that I am giving myself a bit of a break. I’ll be back Monday or Tuesday next week with photos,maybe, it’ll still be a mess-and I think I might actually put the shops on vacation over the weekend. I was going to pack all my business stuff last and unpack it first but it’ll just be less stress all around if I take a couple of days.

So. Art on, my friends! And see you next week;)

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