Done happy happy joy dance DONE happy …..

I’m sitting here, rather chilly because the window is open, in my living room. We have a view overlooking the city. Not one of the premium canyon views that skyrocket the cost of the house, but one we are supremely happy with. Yesterday we had a deer in our backyard. Apparently the one with the ear missing is named “Princess”. We were told to keep an eye out for her.

Our backyard neighbors brought over a pie. It turns out we know them, our kids go to school together. We’re already thinking of installing a backyard gate so I don’t have to walk my kids over and vice versa. The pie has that lattice crust. Kerry told me those aren’t hard to do, but I’m impressed nevertheless. We’re having it for breakfast.

We’ve got most of the rooms done, because going from 900-sq ft to 2400-sq ft means there’s an extra room in which to shove all the boxes while you’re going through them. It also means our house is gloriously uncluttered, although we did go out and buy a couple things we had already planned on. I love it. Some pictures:


Today I have to make sure the pantry is well stocked, there is school tomorrow. I’ll be going through boxes trying to find the rest of my cookware because I failed to label that box. I want everything -mostly- done so I can go back to our normal schedule and work on the shop again, draw more, etc. I’ll have pictures of my studio soon-it’s coming together nicely.

So have a wonderful Labor Day (if you’re in the USA), and art on!

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