How I Did: August 2016 Edition

This is timely, because yesterday I was looking around at our amazing new house and thinking “what am I doing to help pay for this”? That’s silly, of course, we wouldn’t be where we are without me pulling my weight, but I have always felt just a bit off when I didn’t have a regular paycheck. Great choice to become a freelance artist, eh?


My goal was 10-20 sales, $300-400 in revenue.

Final Tally: 10 Orders, $148.50 in revenue.


I wanted visually-appealing, content-rich posts both here and over at my shopify-powered store. Well, I closed the store there (again) because I lowered my operating budget a bit, and I neglected to account for how preoccupied I would get during our move and so I missed at least a week here.

Art Fairs

My goal was to make back my entry fee,my dream was to make between $100-500. I ended up with $320 (some of that is also included in the Etsy revenue, but not all), and that’s with the second half of the selling day ending in a huge thunderstorm. So overall, I’m pleased.


My goal was to get my Christmas items up and I did, along with my Halloween ones. Only one thing seems to sell off that site, though (my St. Catherine of Siena quotation).

Commissions (formerly known as Sales)

Nothing in August (other than the metal card), but I don’t think I could’ve handled anything else.


My goal was to slow down and make the house extraordinary. I think I’ve done that! I’m -still- working on getting my studio photograph ready; I’m beginning to work on my shop listings again so it’s slow going.

Art On, my friends. How did you reach your goals this month?!?

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