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Coloring New Mexico

I have been organizing, redesigning, crafting-but not really drawing. Not a lot, a doodle here and there. So yesterday I finally sat down and 1. penned a calligraphy piece and 2. drew New Mexico, the state we currently live in (and hopefully will stay-we’ve moved 14 times in 10 years of marriage).

I’m proud of this drawing, because I normally use an outline but that didn’t work so I decided to freehand it. A few wiggles here and there but as it’s a “fine art doodle” I don’t think that really matters.newmexicophoto

Wood backround
My new mock-up for coloring pages!


I also inked it in using the handy pantone colors in photoshop (I decided using base red, yellow, and orange would be safest). I don’t really like orange and red together so I had to ask for outside opinions-apparently it’s an awesome color combination (and that’s why I don’t always quit when I end up with colors I don’t like-somebody is bound to think it’s perfect).


You can buy that print here-it’s up as a digital download. If you’d prefer to create your own vision of New Mexico with the coloring page you can buy that here.

Happy Hump Day everyone! Art On;)

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